Can going to toilet be different with smart toilet?

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You returned from Japan and what now?

Have you been in Japan? Maybe you know someone who was there? If yes, you might hear similar story frequently. After spending some time traveling and visiting different places, people are coming back home. But they are no longer happy with their home bathroom or to be precise with the toilet. There is something missing in toilet. But what? They probably do not have electronic bidet toilet seat, to which they managed to get used to while away. There is because smart bidet is used in almost 82% of Japan households. The smart toilet is even more popular than the percentage of smartphone users in Japan in recent years. There must be something special about it? Once you have tried smart bidet seat, there is no going back. You will most likely be supporters of washing with water instead of wiping with toilet paper.

Would you change way of using toilet?

As we can see, there is a different way of using toilet. after returning from departure you can continue using the bathroom as before. Do your number two, and then use toilet paper to wipe it all. But now you might wonder that toilet paper does not get the job done right. You have probably had the best experience of using a smart bathroom, and now you want to recreate it. It is possible you, now with BrookPad SplashLet you can reconstruct your perfect water wash experience in your home toilet. It is up to you. It is estimated that most travelers prefer to switch to cleaning with water.

How to install smart toilet?

You do not need to install new toilet. If you have a water valve and an electrical outlet near the toilet, you can immediately improve your toilet. All you need to change is your old toilet seat for the new electronic seat. It is easy and could even take less than five minutes. BrookPad SplashLet has everything you could possibly want in a toilet seat, and maybe a few things you never even considered. Smart seat is equipped with night light, seat heating, water washing system with stainless nozzle, dryer with warm air and soft closing lid. All functions available in your new SplashLet. Heated seat to keep your warm even when it is cold. Nightlight will guide you through these middle of the night runs to the toilet. Do not forget about remote control that lets you clean just the way you like, including controlling the pressure and temperature of the water wash. Memories of travel and perfect washing now in the comfort of your bathroom. And what if you have not been in Japan? It is not an issue. Once installed you will feel the difference and then you will not want to go back to the previous old toilet.

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Edgar, BrookPad Team

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