Earth Day – 22nd April

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Earth Day Plant

History of Earth Day

In the first day of 22 April 1970,  co-ordinates a wide variety of activities worldwide. The original 1970 national organizer Denis Hayes coordinated international activities in 141 countries in 1990. On Earth Day 2016, the US, China and some 120 other countries signed the groundbreaking Paris Agreement. In 2020, more than 100 million people around the globe celebrated their 50th anniversary as the world's greatest online mass movement. The first Earth Day continues to be human history's biggest day of rebellion. In more than 193 countries, it attracted over 1 billion people. It is the world's biggest environmental movement. It was organized by a peace activist first and on 21 March 1970 it was the first environmental instruction in the US. The occurrence was named after the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, the northern hemisphere of Spring. The day is also the birthday of the Earth.

2021 Celebration

The Earth Day 2021 topic is the restoration of our planet which includes 5 main projects, including: Canopy Project, Food and Environment, Climate Literacy, World Earth Challenge and Global Cleanup. Over the Earth Day weeks, held three independent, simultaneous climatic action summits on climate literature, environmental justice, and youth-led climatic problems, along with leaders, education international, hip hop caucuses, and earth uprising. The Earth Day Live Livestream event (22 April 2021), hosted in the second year by, was attended by world militants, foreign leaders and influencers. Leaders Summit on Earth Day 2021 was hosted by the administration of Biden.

earth day plant

An initiative of

We can read on that climate change and other environmental destruction have destabilized our ecological environments, resulting in the emergence of emerging and deadly viruses and the collapse of the world economy. However, just as climate change and coronavirus serve as painful reminders of the damage we have done, Restore Our Earth serves as a reminder of the possibilities ahead. We must Restore Our Earth not only out of concern for the natural environment, but also because we work on it. - of us requires a healthy Earth to sustain our work, livelihoods, wellbeing and longevity, and satisfaction. A stable world is not a choice; it is a need. After Earth Day 2021, one effort will be our collective drive toward climate literacy, so that tomorrow's leaders will plan strategies now.

"The Canopy Initiative" project

Through planting trees all around the world, the Canopy Project helps to enhance our common climate. Since 2010, has partnered with The Canopy Project to grow tens of millions of trees to help people around the world. collaborates with international agencies to reforest regions that are in desperate need of restoration, particularly areas where some of the world's most vulnerable populations are threatened by climate change and environmental destruction. We have even done large-scale tree planting in the aftermath of natural disasters.

What is the benefit of reforestation to the environment?

The trees of the planet have lost about 20 per cent of their cover since the beginning of the 20th century. About 7,3 million hectares (1,8 million ha) of land was destroyed per year, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and about half tropical forests on Earth have already been cleared. agrees that planting billions of trees worldwide for the environment crises is one of the most significant and cheapest methods to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Not only are forests a carbon sink but they also provide wildlife with essential habitat and human environmental resources such as air purification and local temperatures control.
Increase in soil quality, enhance groundwater reload, encourage indigenous and endemic fauna, and provide economic opportunities in the surrounding areas through the re-establishment of responsible forest reforestation programs. understands that reforestation is one of the most effective and open ways citizens can help solve the problems of climate change and is dedicated to pursuing the Canopy Project and participating globally in responsible reforestation programs.

Smart Toilet with Water Wash?

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