From ancient toilet paper to smart toilet sprayer

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How old is toilet paper?

If you ever wonder how old is toilet paper and what was before and what will be after? We have found some interesting facts that we will share with you. Historical records show that toilet paper was already used in the 6th century by eastern emperor. It is claimed that in 14th century Asia started mass production of paper for toilet use. Annual production was reaching 10 million packages containing from 1000 to 10 thousand sheets. However, in 19th century mass production of toilet paper started, and improvement were made to early XX century.

What was used before toilets?

However, the appeal of toilet paper is not universal. Through the history local tradition, climate and social hierarchy have highly influenced toilet hygiene. As historical findings show a variety of natural tools and materials were used to help people clean themselves. Archaeological discoveries claim that in very ancient times wiping with stones, leaves, seashells or animal fur. In regions were water was more available also cleaning with water or snow was common. In Ancient Rome were public baths were built, a sponge on stick was employed. Also, reusable washcloths were used in some societies. When printing become more common, but toilet paper was still not available or affordable the use of newspaper, telephone directory pages was common. In 17th century French bidet that use water was invented. Evolution of bidets due to innovation of plumbing technology continue to XX century. In 1928 inventor John Harvey Kellogg applied for patenting his “anal douche” that was a predecessor of water cleaning. We can see on those examples that evolution and necessity of toilet hygiene were presented through the history.

Time for XXI century bidet toilet

Now, with electronic bidet from BrookPad, you can upgrade your toilet. Just replace the old toilet seat with SplashLet – electronic bidet toilet seat. If you have power socket and water valve near toilet it can take less than five minutes to install. Now you can enjoy, heated seat, washing with water, air drying. Everything can be adjusted as you like, air, water and seat temperature, water pressure and even the position of the washing nozzle. Let technology help you improve your hygiene and comfort in toilet of XXI century.

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