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Electronic Bidet Toilet

Currently electronic bidet toilet seats might seem quite advanced. BrookPad SplashLet have occupation sensor, a lot of heat and pressure sensor and controllers to manage perfect washing experience. New functions such as ‘Kid’ or ‘Eco’ mode are introduced to help you and your family every time you use your toilet.

Toilet as a Health Tool

It is possible that in near future we will be able to use toilet as health monitoring device. Every time you use the toilet, you produce important information about your health. Yes, that is right, urine and poop contain important information about your body. But now most of us are simply flushing this data in the depths of the toilet. This data is lost and cannot help you detect certain health symptoms quickly. Just by analyzing color, different health symptoms could be spotted instantly. This fact was known even in ancient times. More advanced analysis taking into consideration ions and trace minerals could provide event better more precise alarming signals and help faster. Different aspect of your life such as sleep, stress and diet might have influence on your health. Once data are examined you will receive information directly to your mobile app where you can check details and consult with specialist.

Using Machine Learning

You probably heard the term Machine Learning. This term might sound complicated, but it is general method of transforming data into insightful knowledge. Having training data and using Machine Learning algorithms it is possible to create mathematical model to make prediction. Data could be used to discover patterns and learn. For example, gut microbiota consists of 500 to 1000 species, that is a lot. The gastrointestinal microbiome regulated by the composition of the diet and the state of nutrition affects the maintenance of the proper functioning of the body. Toilet might be a great source of different data that could be used to improve monitoring of your health status and alarm you when something will not be right.

What improvement are available now

Today you can upgrade your ordinary toilet with electronic bidet seat. Discovering new technology might be fun and additionally will provide improvement in everyday hygiene.  You will save space, no need for standalone bidet. You will get perfect aerated wash experience, that will clean what need to be clean. Also, you will probably decrease use of toilet paper, because now you will need it only for drying after washing and not for wiping. Finally, intelligent energy saving mode in your seat will help you save on electricity by adjusting to your toilet pattern use. By choosing BrookPad you contribute to progress of technology.

Written by
Edgar, BrookPad Team


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