Global Handwashing Day, October 15

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Washing Hands

Handwashing Day

October 15 is the Global Handwashing Day. The day has been around since 2008. The global pandemic has shed light on the importance of handwashing. It is believed that handwashing can help deter the transmission of diseases. Worldwide Handwashing Day is held every year on October 15. Millions of people around the world are encouraged to wash their hands after using the toilet. It is also a good day to promote and practice proper grooming.

History of the Worldwide Day of Handwashing

Global Handwashing Day was created by the Global Handwashing Alliance in 2008. The society uses this national holiday to spread awareness of the importance of clean hands. It is funded by schools, states, foreign agencies, private businesses, civil society organizations and more. The Global Day of Handwashing continues to expand.
Global Handwashing Day was organized in 2008 by the Global Handwashing Alliance. The first occurrence took place during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden. More than 120 million children around the world engage in better hand care in more than 70 countries. This global day of campaigning has become a success. The GHP introduces innovative and inventive approaches to enable people to wash their hands with soap. Hand care is able to significantly decrease respiratory disorder mortality and diarrheal diseases.
Wash Hand

How can hand washing with water help?

What are Global Handwashing Day's three objectives? Establish a soap laundry tradition in all cultures. To raise consciousness in every country on the condition of washing. Details on the advantages of soap handwashing. Why is Global Handwashing Day being celebrated? To raise awareness about how washing hands can prevent pathogens from spreading and foster further hand washing in society. How can I do this part of mine? Make a habit of handwashing! Prepare it before meals as a family. Promote house, school, job, healthcare and more washing.

How to Celebrate Hand Washing Day?

If you maintain a hand washing regimen after consuming or visiting the toilet, the risk of diseases can be reduced to vaccines and medicines. Washing your hands will cultivate other people during this day to maintain their hygiene. You should also have #globalhandwashingday, on social media, and search for information about how washing the hand should effectively deter infectious diseases.

Not just hand washing

Water washing can vastly improve hygiene in everyday life. Not only should you wash your side, you should wash it with water instead of using toilet paper after you were in the toilet. Owing to new technologies, it is also possible to convert your ordinary toilet to a smart bidet seat. In certain countries , such as Japan, this technology is present in more than 82% of households. It's going to help keep up with the new laundry regimen after you've been in the bathroom. It is understood that improving hygiene will reduce the risk of disease. Celebrate the Global Handwashing Day and improve the health with the washing of water.

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