How japanese toilets improve hygiene?

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What will you find in Japan toilet?

Have you visited Japan? Yes, so you probably see that they love new advanced technologies and cool gadgets. If you have been in Japan at some point in time you probably needed to go to the toilet? And because you are in Japan there is high probability that you might see something different than what you use to see in European toilet. So, what is it? It is Electronic Smart Bidet Toilet Seat! Heated seat, automatic water washing and drying with hot air all in the toilet at the touch of a button. You might be surprise, if you have never seen electronic toilet before. But you might get use too it, especially here in Japan. Because they are so common it is almost certain that you will spot and use one.

Home many percent of Japanese use electronic bidet?

You might reason that smart toilet is technology gadget, use by technology geek? If you believe so, you are wrong! Electronic toilets here, are basic hygiene equipment. Providing heated seat in colder days and water washing that replace need for paper and improve cleanliness. It is estimated that current state of art smart bidet toilet is installed in about 82% of Japanese households. It is a lot! A lot of us now does not imagine life without smartphone, nowadays almost everyone uses it. But the fact is that only 55% of Japan adults use a smartphone, according to “Newzoo's Global Mobile Market Report, 2018”. It is amazing that four out of five houses have this kind of smart toilets connected, it is more than percentage of people who use smartphones. In Japan you might not use a smartphone, but you probably using a smart toilet.

You use smartphone, it is time to use smart toilet!

If more people in Japan use smart toilet than smartphone, there must be a reason behind it? The reason is simple it improves hygiene. Washing with water win with toilet paper if cleanliness is under consideration. Are electronic bidet toilets also available in Europe? The answer is: Yes! SplashLet is a new smart bidet seat from BrookPad company. It offers ultimate water flow for perfect wash & bidet, trading needs for toilet paper and getting hygiene to next level. Best part is that it is easy to install. No need for bathroom or toilet remodeling. Everything is integrated in toilet seat. You can do it yourself. The only thing you need to replace is your old toilet seat with new SplashLet. You use your smartphone; it is time to have your first smart toilet.

Written by
Edgar, BrookPad Team

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