Simple wash with water sprayer and attachment bidet

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Which countries use toilet paper?

A lot of countries around the world use toilet paper in their bathrooms. Toilet paper is most common in North & Central Europe, USA and East Asian countries. In Southern Europe & Asia water is favorite choose. However, one can observe a high tendency to change the method of cleaning after visiting toilets. More and more people start using water instead of toilet paper. The main reason is increased hygiene. Water molecules are better able to reach and remove residues than paper.

How can you improve hygiene with water attachment bidet?

If you have water valve near your toilet you can easily upgrade your toilet and take advantage of cleaning with water. BrookPad offers such solutions by offering a series of SplashLet products. Thanks to this, you can improve your toilet without having to remodel the bathroom. All you have to do is replace the old toilet lid with the SplashLet, connect the water, electricity and it is ready. Now you have an intelligent electric bidet seat. Heated seat, washing with water, warm air drying, nightlight, bidet mode  everything available directly from your toilet.

Are there non-electric water cleaning solutions?

What if you want to use water instead of toilet paper but you also do not want to any electrical device? We have solution for you it is BrookPad EcoSplash 250. It does not need any electricity for working, the only thing that is required is water valve near your toilet. It is available in two version: single (250S) and double (250D) nozzle. You do not have to change your toilet, just connect EcoSplash to the water. Also, if you like your toilet lid, it will also remain unchanged. Thanks to ultra slim design you can place it between toilet bowl and toilet seat. Both come with high quality stainless steel connection pipe so your bathroom would look elegant. Additionally, there is nozzle cover preventing dust from coming in. You can choose between single nozzle with wash and self-clean function or double nozzle with wash and bidet woman wash. With water wash you can clean well what needs to be clean after going to the toilet. Everyone will find something for himself.

Bidet attachment installation guide

To install bidet toilet attachment, you need to have water valve near toilet where you want. It is easy, so you can do it in less than five minutes. Unscrew the toilet lid. Close the water tap. Place EcoSplash on toilet bowl. Plug connection pipe to water. Open the water tap. Place your toilet lid. It is ready to use!

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