Smart toilet, core functions

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Smart toilet

Smart toilet is a device that combine toilet seat with additional functionalities such as bidet, rear wash, turbo wash, hot air dryer, heated seat, night light, smart sensor, children mode, deodorization or even eco mode for water saving. This basically replace need for using ordinary toilet paper and help improve hygiene. This type of toilet are most common in Japan were they are used by more than 82% of households. In Europe thanks to BrookPad company they are also getting more and more popular improving everyday toilet experience.

Smart Seat - mounting

Mounting of Smart Seat such as BrookPad SplashLet is relatively easy. Due to complete integration in toilet seat there is no need for remodeling toilet or providing additional installation facilities. To work it only requires two things water connection and electric socket. Yes, that’s all. If you have them close to your toilet bowl you can take off old toilet seat. Place fixing plate on top of your old toilet bowl and insert SplashLet. Then connect water hose and plug to electric socket. Well done, you made it!

Smart Seat – functions

Soft Closing

Soft Closing of both seat and cover is useful as slow falling cover do not make noise while closing.

Heated Seat

Heated Seat provide warm while being on toilet, adjustable temperature gives you relaxing feeling helping do your job faster. Also this function is very helpful in colder day just to warm you wile on toilet.

Nigh Light

Night Light future allow you to find your toilet seat in the middle of the night without need of turning on your main light source.

Self-washing nozzle

To keep nozzle in good condition it hide inside toilet seat. This prevents dust from appearing on it. Additionally, before you use your smart toilet, nozzle is washing itself with stream of water. This help to keep it clean.

Wash / Rear Wash

Wash or rear wash is one of the core functions. Stainless steel nozzle builds in toilet seat clean your butt whenever you are ready. Gentle stream of water cleans everything basically replacing need for using toilet paper. Water temperature and pressure could be adjusted to fit your needs.

Wash / Massage

There is some additional setting to wash functions such as oscillating massage that move nozzle back and forth. This create even better cleaning experience and takes all remaining off.


There is also function dedicated for woman. Nozzle is being equipped in more than one water providing system. Gentle water stream of adjustable water helps you to clean after using toilet one more time replacing need for toilet paper.  


After using wash function, you can use additionally hot air drying function. Although you should be clean by know, moisture can remain. Due to personal preferences it is possible to take out moisture with ordinary toilet paper or use drying function. Hot stream of air remove water drops and moisture from your  skin.


Special deodorization fan takes out odor out of toilet and pass it through the air and carbon filter.

Smart Seat – control

Last think you need to know is control modes. It is possible to have side panel control that is always in place or remote control. With remote control toilet seat look almost like ordinary one preserving nice look of you bathroom. Remote control could be mounted for example on the wall or kept of shelf near toilet. As you might see by now there are a lot of function in every smart toilet that will improve your daily live toilet experience and what is most important your personal hygiene with water wash.


Written by
Edgar, BrookPad Team



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