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E-bidet Story

E-bidet or electronic bidet seat is a system that incorporates smart electronic washing functions inside the toilet seat. Build in a nozzle to allow water to flow, providing both a back wash and a woman's bidet wash feature. Smart toilets are the most popular in Japan, where more than 80 per cent of households use them. This system is often referred to as Japan toilet because of its popularity in Japan. Besides Japan, they are very common in other parts of Asia, including South Korea. While initially smart toilet seats were developed in the early 1960s in the United States by the American Bidet Firm, their use was very poor as the main purpose of this product was for use in hospitals by patients who have trouble or pain in using toilet paper due , for example, to hemorrhoids.
Lately in the 1980s, Japan's TOTO corporation launched smart bidets to the Japanese industry. Japan's curiosity grows after a series of TV advertisements with a singer telling viewers, “even though it's a bottom, it wants to be washed too” Since then, several residents have been using smart toilets to improve day-to-day sanitation and decree the use of toilet paper.

Best Bidet Smart Toilet

The better toilet is one that has all the features you desire. Smart toilets may be fitted with bidet, rear shower, dryer, aggressive deodorization, near-light or heated toilet seat. It's even expected to fit well into the new toilet tank. Therefore, length should be selected appropriately as the length could range from 480 mm to 530 mm. Mounting Smart Toilets, such as BrookPad SplashLet, is relatively straightforward. Due to the full incorporation of the toilet seat, there is no need to remodeled the toilet or include additional assembly facilities. It just takes two things to operate with a water link and an electrical socket. Yeah, that's all of it. If you have them next to your toilet bowl, you should strip off your old toilet seat. Place the fixing plate on top of the old toilet bowl and insert SplashLet. Then attach the water hose and plug to the electrical socket. Well done, you've made it!

Heated Toilet Seat and Nigh Light

Heated seat offers comfort when you're in the shower, adjustable temperature gives you a comfortable feeling that helps make your job easier. Also, this feature is very helpful on a cooler day just to steam your toilet wile. Night Light Future lets you find your toilet seat in the middle of the night without the need to turn on your main light source.

Rear Wash and Self-washing nozzle

To keep the nozzle in good condition, hide inside the toilet seat. This avoids the appearance of dust on it. In addition, before you use your smart toilet, the nozzle washes itself with a stream of water. This is helping to keep things safe. Wash or rear wash is one of the main features. Stainless steel nozzle creates a toilet seat to clean your ass whenever you're ready. Gentle stream of water cleans all that effectively eliminates the use of toilet paper. Water temperature and pressure may be changed to meet your needs.

Bidet and Massage

There is also a woman's dedicated feature. Nozzle is being fitted with more than one water delivery system. Gentle water stream with customization water allows to clean the toilet one more time to replace the toilet paper requires. There is some additional environment for washing activities, such as oscillating massage that pushes the nozzle back and forth. This makes an even greater cleaning experience, and it takes away all the rest.

Dryer and Deodorization

You may also use hot air drying feature after using the wash feature. Even if you're supposed to be clean, the moisture can stay. According to personal desires, it is possible to extract moisture with ordinary toilet paper or to use a drying feature. Hot currents of air strip water drop and moisture from the skin. A special deodorizing fan extracts the smell from the toilet and transfers it into the air filter and the carbon filter.

Smart Toilet Control

The last thing you need to remember is control modes. It is possible to provide side panel control that is still in place or remotely controlled. With a remote control toilet seat, it looks just like a normal one, retaining the nice look of your bathroom. For example , remote control could be placed on the wall or held next to the toilet. As you can see, there's a lot of work in any smart toilet that will boost your everyday living bathroom experience and what's most critical about your personal hygiene with water wash.

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