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Celebrities behind the screen

Have you ever wondered what famous actors or singers do off stage? There are a lot of photos of them making shopping, exercising, traveling, dining. But there are places where privacy applies, for example, a home bathroom. There are not many photos or stories from the celebrity bathroom. We tried to find out more.

Adrian Grenier

Adrian is most recognizable by the television series "Entourage". As an active supporter of sustainability, he said that the electronic bidet providing him with "sustainability plus luxury". As also stated in one of his interviews, the bidet recognizes you "It gets to know you", which makes the device even more effective.

Jensen Ackles

Best known from the fantasy television series Supernatural is a supporter of really fantastic toilets. In “Architectural Digest”  video discloses his beloved part of the bathroom,  and what is it? It is electronic bidet. Ackles as we might see is obviously not bored with this bidet and he is approving its impressive features. He probably owns one which is a high class, and perfectly fits to rest of his luxury house.

Will Smith

Will is best known for his science-fiction movies, of course his bathroom could not contain a classic toilet. Already in 2007, he started using the smart bidet. As he told “it’s beautiful because it’s like a shower in the middle of the day… It does all the work for you” In one of the interviews he also confirms that he actually like heating seat function “You sit down, it’s warm, it’s just perfect”. One more big fan of toilet seats on our list.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi as comedian and television personality also upgraded her toilet with smart bidet. As mentioned in one of her Facebook post she is happy owner of one since 2015. Whoopi told “I Love, Love, Love these toilets!”. Also, she acknowledges that she is not sure why American has not embraced them yet and that they should.

Leonardo DiCaprio

In one of BARRON’S magazine research “Meet the Maserati of Plumbing” dated 2010, we discovered that Hollywood superstar DiCaprio is fan on luxury even in bathroom. Having installed $5000 smart bidet to his bathrooms. The toilet with an integrated bidet and excellent water washing and air drying certainly appealed to the actor.

Time for your own luxury toilet

Now, with the new BrookPad solution, you can upgrade your toilet with the SplashLet electronic bidet. Just replace the old toilet seat with SplashLet. Now you can enjoy, heated seat, washing with water, air drying. Everything can be adjusted as you like, air, water and seat temperature, water pressure and even the position of the washing nozzle. Feel the luxury in your bathroom.

Written by
Edgar, BrookPad Team

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