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How much toilet paper does the average person use per year?

Have you ever wondered how many toilet paper people use? If Yes, here is the answer. According estimation of “Statista Consumer Market Outlook” United States leads the way when it comes to the using of toilet paper. Americans uses an average of 141 roll of toilet paper each year, that is equal to 12.7 kilograms of paper annually. Toilet paper consumption is followed by Germany and United Kingdom with astonishing 134 and 127 roll of toilet paper per capita yearly. In case of four person family it is estimated that annual use could sum up to 564 roll of toilet paper or 50.8 kilogram of tissue.

How much is a roll of toilet paper?

One roll of toilet paper would cost you not too much. Depending on quality of paper, place and packaging you are buying cost could vary quite significantly. Having compared price of roll it appeared that on average cost is about $0.85, not too much. But it could add up to $119.85 a year per capita. In case of family of four it could be $479.40 yearly. Even cost of one toilet paper roll is not so high combined amount will create quite decent amount after year. It is easily to imagine that this number could add up year after year and become in five or ten year an amount counted in thousands of dollars.

How many toilet paper rolls could be produced from one tree?

Here there is no clear answer, and this is because every tree has different metric volume. The average tree that weighs around 450 kilograms could be turned into just over 800 rolls of toilet paper. This mean that on average United States population of 328 million use 46 248 million of toilet paper roll (141*328=46 248) annually. To produce this amount of toilet paper rolls there is a need to use about 58 million 450kg trees (46 248/800=57.81) a year.

How can you decrease use of toilet paper?

Are you now wondering what to do to decrease use of toilet paper?  There might be a solution. BrookPad SplashLet might help you decrease your use of toilet paper. Using bidet to wash with water instead of wiping with paper might significantly reduce need for toilet paper. You still might want to use a bit of paper to dry yourselves after washing with water. Depending on your smart bidet functionality you might also dry with hot air after job is done. Cleaning with water can also improve your hygiene because gentle water stream will be able to clean all that needs to be clean. No there is no need for wiping it with paper, maybe just drying. SplashLet can help you reduce use of toilet paper.

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