Toilet paper is sold out, don’t panic, get toilet sprayer!

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Toilet paper is sold

Around the world stores are sold out of toilet paper while we have global lock-down. There was shortage in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia. So how it is possible? Are people using the bathroom more often? Maybe there are new ways of using toilet paper? As we know toilet paper manufacturer are producing the same supply as always but demand skyrocket. Story after story explains that toilet paper supply disruption was driven by a sort of consumer excessive buying that create enormous demand for this basic article. Accompanied with disruption in logistic due to lock-down, create difficulty to deliver paper to stores that were in need. It is not surprise that when you are not sure when will be next time you can visit the store, in a week in a month or two, you want to assure that you will not run out of basic goods. Additionally when other think the same way and shelves are getting empty quickly and when you see that there is less paper then usually you can easily imagine that it might disappear soon completely, so you take additional one in case next time there will be no at all.  Explanation is simple, customers are not using it more, they are just filling up their closet with it. Most store owners agreed that the spike in demand would be short-lived, dropping as soon as the customer will see that shelves are loaded  one more time.

There might be a solution

Is it possible that this situation might repeat? For sure. So, maybe there is another way to deal with it and be prepared? Answer is simple: SplashLet! Awesome, so we have solution to paper issue, now you wonder, how it might help me? Don’t worry if you have not heard of it yet, SplashLet is a new smart bidet seat from BrookPad company. The SplashLet offered ultimate water flow for perfect wash & bidet, replacing need for toilet paper and getting hygiene to next level. Gentle flow of aerated water will clean all you need to clean. So, you wonder who can use it? Essentially it is perfect solution for everyone, your grandparent, mum, dad, for whole family. And what about children, yes, SplashLet have additional ‘Child auto mode’, softer water stream, followed by oscillation wash. That is not all, also you get a heating seat perfect for those colder days and just helping to relax and do the job quicker. Installing it is as simple as replacing one’s toilet seat with the SplashLet, hooking up a few tubes, and plugging it in. It is easy you can do it yourself. Next time when the toilet paper crisis will come, be ready with your SplashLet and Don’t Panic.

Written by
Edgar, BrookPad Team

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