What are types of bidets?

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What kind of bidets are on the market?

Are you buying a bidet? Or you trying to find what is bidet? You may want to learn about the various styles of bidets that are available. It's useful to know the features, the cost and the various functions. Yet nowadays, there are various styles on the market. There are six major different bidet styles: Integrated Bidet Toilet, Smart Toilet Seats, Portable Bidet, Attachments Sprayer, Stand Alone, and Hand-Held Sprayer.

Stand-Alone Bidets

There's a standalone bidet. It's a completely self-contained, separate bathroom appliance. This was the only sort there used to be before. In any case, this style incorporates all the operating elements of a complete bidet, but it's not a toilet. It's not intended to be used to go to the toilet, but only for self-cleaning afterwards. So, after being on the toilet you need to travel to your bidet to clean yourself with water. They are usually one of the more expensive options and, of course, they take up the most space in the bathroom. This form is very popular in southern Europe.

Portable Bidets

When you're traveling or you've figured out that there's no bidet. Don't stress about it. You will get water wash everywhere you go with a portable bidet. The portable bidet is a small tube made of special flexible rubber with a nozzle attached. It's typically the size of a tiny container. This form of bidet is often referred to as a travel bidet or a bidet bottle. If you are looking for this type of bidet, then BrookPad EcoSplash 85 is exactly what you are looking for.
It does work well as for simple fast washing. It requires one hand to operate. With this type of bidet, the only temperature option is whatever you fill the bottle with. You can only spray warm water if it is available in a nearby faucet. If you have a certain form of bidet, you know this fun feeling of water wash. It's nice to have one in case you're in a situation without a bidet. For travelers or someone who wants to test out the bidet feature without investing in another more costly bidet form, they can be a great choice.

Hand-Held Bidet Sprayers

There is a type of bidet that is halfway between a bidet attachment and a portable one. This is considered a hand-held bidet sprayer. You should not take anything like a portable toilet with you. Instead, plug a T-valve and a hose into your water pipe. Linkage is the same as in the toilet seat or bidet, but the spray wand is not inside the toilet. It looks like a hand unit at the end of a long pipe, usually a metal mesh like the water line of the toilet itself.
Hand-held bidet sprayers like the EcoSplash 110C, give you full visibility of where the spray is heading. There is no need to rotate your body around the toilet seat or use a side or remote control to try to target the wand where you want to. You may also change the pressure to the degree of pressure you place on the hand lever. The style is unique, and some might find it an option worth exploring.
person holding hand-held bidet sprayer in bathroom

Bidet Sprayer Attachments

One of the bidet accessories that you might find in the bathroom is a bidet sprayer attachment. The bidet device is attached to the real toilet bowl under the seat, hence the name. Apart from Portables bidets, they are usually the least costly, on average, but also have the less functionality. Models like EcoSplash 250D provide very good rear and bidet wash and have a sensible value for money.
They come without a heated seat, there is no hot air dryer, and they seldom have remote control, just to name three of the many options mostly used in smart bidet seats. It's because they're not electrically powered. And this is one of the pros, those bidets only need a water connection to function.
Currently, that does not mean you cannot get warm water. Some of the bidet attachments, such as EcoSplash 270HD, have an external connection to attach directly to the hot water source in your bathroom. Water temperature, pressure all could be adjusted. You will also find a variant with a self-cleaning and retractable nozzle that assists with device maintenance.

Smart Bidet Seats

You will also see a Japanese style toilet seat like the BrookPad SplashLet seat. This form replaces the current bathroom seat with a combo seat with a bidet feature. The required nozzle is installed in the seat. It continues as used to get the job done quickly and cleanly. Not only does this have bidet work, but also anal water washing that eliminates the need for toilet paper.
They are accordingly a little more costly than an extension or a hand-held, but most much less costly than a stand-alone ceramic bidet. Yet improved functionality and increased ease of maintenance make the extra expense worth it. Bidet toilet and build-in heater need only cold water due to electrical connection. In both the bidet and wash feature, temperature and pressure may be adjusted. Furthermore, the seating area is heated and frequently supplied with a hot air dryer and even a deodorant and water massage. Bidet seats also come with remote control systems and side panels. What control system is best comes down to personal tastes.

Toilets with Built-In Bidet

Like a bidet bench, this sort of smart toilet often has a spray nozzle, but it is built-in to the toilet. In other words, the toilet and the bidet are in one. This offers a new look, but the functionality may still be modified accordingly. This form is typically the costliest, but it has a wide variety of features. This form is permanently built as a toilet bidet combo.
There are therefore different forms of bidets available. Today's bidets will have useful health and comfort advantages without taking up extra space in your bathroom.

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