Why do children find toilet, bidet, sprayer so funny?

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Why poop is so funny?

Have you ever noticed that children find toilet things hilarious? Running around the home and just saying word [poo] out loud can release overexcited laughter. Toilet humor can be a powerful tool for children, but ways to limit the potty should be used. For children around certain age toilet humor is source of great joy. You can hear it in the classroom and on the playground. To be exact this is most common in preschool age, children around three to six year. But why is this? Development of humor take time and could help with dealing with difficult things. Children learn how to interact with world around them. When children learn words, they find that they have different meanings, and some of them may cause different reactions in adults.

Humor development

Modern research focuses more on behaviors that are an important part of children's humor development. Humor is, after all, a universal aspect of human behavior. Wherever you find people, you will find laughter as it is an important part of social bonds. Studies on children show that the subject of humor changes as they grow. For very young children, peek-a-boo is a subject of great entertainment. In preschool years, we are fascinated by jokes about excrement and toilets. Then jokes about social roles and gender become fun. From these studies emerge the following patterns. One of them is that children find things funny when they can improve their cognitive abilities. Ridiculousness is a key feature of entertainment. Evidence suggests that after exceeding a certain cognitive level, the subject loses cognitive power and ceases to be so interesting. Toilet humor tends to disappear with age but typically sticks around in everyone to some degree.

Bidet with Function for Children

As you might see now it is normal for children in certain age to develop toilet humor. Knowing this we equipped electronic bidet toilet seats with function dedicated for children. BrookPad SplashLet have [Kid] wash function. It is automatic wash adjusted for the children, so pressure of water is delicate. This program combine washing with drying with air so only one button needs to be pressed. Now children can learn to use bidet toilet and have even more fun from toilet.

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