Wipe it or better to Wash it with toilet bidet?

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Will you wipe or wash?

Its sunny morning weekend and you are driving your red glossy car, you stop for quick shopping on market. All  done, you come back and see pack of birds above your car. Oh no, your car paint is marked with white drops. What a coincident you just bought paper towel; you can just wipe it. Not so great idea without the water or moisture there will be just a bigger mess and you don’t want to blur white substance all over the car. You decide to wash it instead. Back home, you have tasty apples, slightly dusted, wipe with paper towel, not this time, you want to wash it. Having worked in garden, planted new flower, and your hands are a bit in dirt, maybe this is time for paper? Not this time, you want to wash it. Its diner time, buffalo chicken wings were delicious. You use your paper towel; you remove most of from your hands, but they  are still bit stinky. Yes, you decided to wash it. And plates, paper towel won’t help you. Also, you want to wash it.

What about washroom?

Now, you are in a washroom, job done, and you think why wipe with paper? All day long you chose to wash it not wipe it. But how, to combine toilet and be able to wash it? Answer is simple: SplashLet! Quick order and now you have it. You can choose to wash it also here. It’s perfect, so you have solution to paper wipe it issues. The SplashLet offered ultimate water flow for perfect wash & bidet, replacing need for toilet paper and getting hygiene to next level. Gentle flow of aerated water will clean all you need to clean. Bird make on your car, dirt on hands after gardening, dust on fruits, delicious sauce on hands, after dinner plates, you decided that it is better to wash it. Now with SplashLet, you can wash directly on toilet, with use of electronic bidet toilet seat just after you are finish. It is better to wash it.

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Edgar, BrookPad Team

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