World Plumbing Day – Mar 11

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World Plumbing Day

We once had no plumbing inside house no toilets or hot water and had to carry water from outside. But on National Plumber Day, let's rest to thank all who keep the water clear to clean from draining. Global Plumbing Day is an annual celebration launched by the Global Plumbing Council. It was held on 11 March each year to demonstrate the crucial role that plumbing plays in social health. The WPC works all year round to support the benefits of safe plumbing.
In ancient Rome, lead was used to make pans, pipes and baths. Those that played with lead were called plumbarius, which was eventually shortened to "plumber." How are our lives going to be without these indoor plumbing heroes? Most plumbers saved the day (and more often than not the night) by removing the toilet or by unblocking the drain.


Many skills are required to be a plumber, including the ability to determine the functionality of the equipment. Plumber may be specialized in a number of areas. Those dealing specifically with pipe systems for industrial areas are called pipe fitters. Any work is performed on the installation and repair of pipe networks in commercial and industrial buildings. Many of those specialized in steam heating systems are called steam amplifiers. Sometimes when connecting new smart toilet your connection is not right or there is no water valve good plumber can help you with this for sure.


World Plumbing Day History


World Plumbing Day is celebrated every year on 11 March. The intention was that people around the world would stop and reflect on the important role that plumbing plays in preserving their health and way of life. Global Plumbing Day is taking place on the continents of Australia, Europe and Africa to draw attention to the importance of adequate plumbing and sanitation. Governments, decision-makers and community-based groups are celebrating the occasion. You can find out more with #WorldPlumbingDay,


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How to mark the World Day of Plumbing

Global Plumbing Day is being observed and celebrated all over the global. According to the World Plumbing Organization, healthy plumbing is related to human and environmental wellbeing. World Plumbing Day honors the crucial connection between health facilities and plumbing facilities. The bathroom has a big role to play in maintaining our well-being around the world.
To introduce healthy bathing habits on World Plumbing Day. There's a reason why your parents taught you to wash your hands after you went to the bathroom. This ensures that you can wash off potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Making sanitation a top priority on World Plumbing Day. It's a no-brainer every two days to swap your hand towel. Bear in mind that the visible pipes are safe. Plumbing knowledge guarantees the hygiene of your home. The plumber would find and fix the problem while keeping the device safe. Appreciation of new facilities for World Plumbing Day. Caring about your plumbing is part of your duty as a homeowner about maintenance.
You should forbid toxic chemicals that are too aggressive on the pipes. Using filters to spot potential obstructions, such as hair, before entering the device. Also, do not forget that water filtration reduces the risk of scaling in the bathroom. Additional water filtration holds the bathroom in good condition and increases the service life of smart toilet. You should also use a water softener to avoid problems. Keeping your pipes clean and away from distractions makes your bathroom clear.

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