World Toilet Day – November 19

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World Toilet Day

November 19 declared World Toilet Day by United Nations General Assembly. Aimed at drawing attention to sanitation problems around the world. Co-ordinated annually by a collaboration between UN-Water and governments around world. About 2.5 billion people do not have daily access to a toilet. Lack of sanitation can lead to the spread of diseases such as cholera, typhoid and hepatitis. In some areas of Africa, diarrhea is one of the biggest child killers.


History of World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day was founded by the World Toilet Organization in 2001. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: "We have a moral obligation to end open defecation" Singaporean philanthropist Jack Sim created the Organization on 19 November 2001. World Toilet Day was held to raise awareness of the importance of sanitation. Goal 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals calls for proper sanitation. The right to water and sanitation was formally proclaimed a human right by the UN in 2010. The event was also aimed at raising awareness of wastewater disposal and storm water control. Since its inception, World Toilet Day has played a central role in challenging governments and companies to make reforms. 122 countries ratified the UN resolution named 'Sanitation for Everyone' in 2013. The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called for action to revive attempts to ensure access to adequate sanitation for everyone on World Toilets Day 2015. He reminded all of the "Cry for Action on Sanitation" initiated in 2013 and aimed at stopping open defecation by 2025.


How to celebrate World Toilet Day

The day is dedicated to the defense of one of the most fundamental human rights. From ancient Romans to the Middle East to today's sleek smart toilet, there's a lot to learn about the history of the bathroom. First of all, why not visit the World Toilet Day website, Facebook profile or Twitter account and spread a message through social media platforms? World Toilet Day is on November 1. Aim to raise awareness of the plight of toilets worldwide. Share a photo of your toilet on social media with the hashtag #WorldToiletDay. Or, use your Internet search skills to hunt down some of the best toilets in the world. The more people hear about the issue, the more funds can be collected to combat it. You can hold an event to raise funds for the cause or simply raise awareness. The official World Toilet Day website also provides a tool to help you communicate with people

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Modern Smart Toilet for Hygiene Improvement

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