You need to use shower bidet to feel it

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Can all experience be described?

It is possible to describe different situation and human experience. Even though good description of experience requires skilled writer. It is hard to imagine something we have not experienced at all. Have you tried skydiving, being on top of mountain or tasting delicious Ice-cream? You know that it is totally different to hear about something and just trying it. No words can describe experience we have never experienced. Hearing about mountain top and being on one, seeing the view by yourselves are  two different experiences. We all know what ice cream and we probably our favorite flavor. It is because we have tried it before and could imagine how one will taste. What about smart bidet toilet seat?

Have you used smart bidet toilet seat?

It is morning, window shields are covering the sun light, you woke up and want to go to the toilet. There is electronic bidet toilet seat waiting for you. No need for turning light on, ambient light is glowing to help you navigate the right way. You sit, and occupation sensor automatically adjust temperature of the seat just like you want. All your temperature settings are in place. You feel relaxing warm spreading around you. Now you are calm, and you can make it faster. You have done your job. Now, just with one press of the button you launch cleaning process. Flowing water is going though ion filtration system. Tiny sediment particles are removed, and pure water is going to your electronic bidet. No need for selecting water temperature or pressure, previously with your remote control you have set your water temperature to be just right for you. Cleaning nozzle position is also adjusted to fit your needs. Water and drying temperature, water pressure, nozzle position everything is adjusted as you want. You know that you have full control of setting and with help of light indicator on your remote control you know what you are choosing every time. But now there is no need to adjust, your BrookPad SplashLet remember it all. Water tank is filled with water, fast heating is done, temperature is perfect. Now water steam is enhanced with clean air to create water with micro bubbles. Stainless seal nozzle is getting out of bidet seat cover. Washing begins with gentle oscillation of nozzle back and forth. This is like delicate massage. Additionally, there is water pulsation mode on, intensity of aerated water stream is going up and down with help of digital controller in your seat. Oscillating nozzle movement in one dimension and water pulsation in second dimension and aerated water with micro bubble in third dimension. Unbelievable multi dimension water cleaning experience. Flowing water flawlessly cleans the tiniest ins and outs of your skin. Washing is done, it was perfect experience. Stainless seal nozzle is in automatic cleaning mode now. Spraying itself with water, so it could be ready for next use. Nozzle is hiding back to bidet seat, where it is protected with additional cover, no dust can get it. Right after, drying system is on. Warm air stream removes remaining water particles from you skin. No need for using toilet paper. Time for deodorant. Air from the toilet interior is drawn in and passes through the filter. Soft closing lid silently falls, job is done! No words can describe the experience of using the smart bidet toilet, you have to try it yourself to feel it!

Written by
Edgar, BrookPad Team

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