Smart Toilet Function Comparison

BrookPad SplashLet - Smart Toilet Seat function comparison provide quick overview so you can choose model that is perfect for you. SplashLet multiple washing functions: rear washing, bidet, turbo (intensive wash), oscillating washing, children auto mode and self-cleaning nozzle. Additional function that could be in seat are: heated seat, occupancy seat sensor, soft closing lid, energy saving mode, LED night light, stainless steel nozzle, one touch release, stop function and auto (wash & dry).

function bidet toilet comparison
SplashLet toilet are available in different size. Below you can find toilet dimension requirements and additional details.

Here you can find comparison of all functions of BrookPad SplashLet - Japanese Style Toilets 1000RB, 1100RB, 1200RC, 1300FBS, 1500FBS, 1300RBS, 1500RBS, 1300FB, 1300FC, 1500FB, 1300RB, 1500RB, 1500RC, 2100FB, 2100RB

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Toilet with a little bit of technology:)