Ion Water Filter 4x Pack for Smart Toilets - BrookPad United Kingdom
Ion Water Filter 4x Pack for Smart Toilets - BrookPad United Kingdom
Ion Water Filter 4x Pack for Smart Toilets - BrookPad United Kingdom

Ion Water Filter 4x Pack for Smart Toilets

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BrookPad Ion Filter is a water ion filter. It suits well with bathrooms with tub. Water filtration is suggested because the water supplied to the toilet is rough (over 150 ppm). The activity of the ion filter is based on the exchange of ions. It is a method of water purification using a strong polymer ion exchange resin. Water filtration reduces the risk of scaling in the bathroom for a tub. Additional water filtration holds the bathroom in good condition and increases the service life of the unit.

- additional filtration of water
- reducing the possibility of lime deposits in pipes
- extending the lifespan of the bathroom with shower

- input 1/2"
- output 1/2"

Recommended use time:
- 3 months, hard water (150ppm+)
- 6 months medium-soft water

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Customer Reviews

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a really special present

While it is true that the Super must always have an active connection to the power grid in order to work, this is not unreasonably costly.

Wow, the toilet has reached a new level of sophistication.

You can use bidets at home if you don't have access to a regular one.

Ion Filter I went for the fun side panel.

Brilliantly advised judgment. The panel design seems to be from the style of Japanese-style toilets. pressure and temperature must be very precisely regulated during the process of washing

All right, but 4 days of arrival!

Installing this part is very simple and would not affect the amount of water pressure in the tub.

Succeed with the assignment.

This one is already in place. There are two more in stock. This toy is made in Korea. Since there is enough room, the date of the fitting may be recorded. There's a filtering material within, and you can hear it.